The 5D Man


The first life dimension we will address is Clarity.

The 5D man inside you will only be liberated when you develop a clear mind, bright spirit, and a vision of where you are going (and how to get there).

In times of chaos and confusion, finding this Clarity is no small feat.

Distractions and addictions pull on you like a horde of little demons, seducing you into comforts and conveniences, beckoning for you to forget yourself and return to the Matrix.

Without Clarity, you will not be able to concentrate or even think, and the agency of your life will whittle down to nothing.

Developing the kind of Clarity you need as a 5D man requires powerful tools and qualified support and I commit to providing both.

Finding your True North in life is a massive breakthrough.

With Clarity starting to develop inside of you, you begin to see yourself in ways you never have.

Similarly, loved ones and the world will appear to you differently, and without distortion. This is true shadow work, and it is a necessary step on the way.

More than merely seeing clearly, Clarity requires you to clear your channel to spirit, so that you come to realize the reality of God.

Finally, with a clear mind, deep awareness and divine guidance, it is time to discover your True North.

Knowing your True North is knowing why you are here. It is having a reference point to calibrate against, so that your choices, habits and relationships can be calibrated in ways that support your vision.

With all this, you rise above the meandering masses of people who live unexplored lives of quiet desperation. And from this place, you become a leader. A man with compassion for those who are lost, and with thriving yourself, because you are found.

This kind of Clarity will take work.

Yet when you commit to it, it will be yours.

When you are ready, reach out and we’ll make it happen.


As messed up as that is, it is absolutely true that this world crucifies its best people, because the complacent masses feel confronted by your progress.

So to fulfill your life’s mission as a 5D man, developing Courage is crucial, as you have a gift inside that the world needs, and you must endure the attacks long enough to give it.

Courage has always been a rare quality, and in the 5D man model, it relates to the embodiment of a Warrior.

It requires eating well, exercising hard, establishing values and principles protected by clear boundaries, regulating your nervous system, taking care of your health, learning how to defend yourself and how to rest & recover.

After all, how will you behave in accordance with your values if you don’t have a strong body and mindset to back them up?

If you lack the physical and psychological confidence required to move forwards, it limits you in so many ways, and it hurts to face it.

The good news, however, is that in the 5D man work, this will all start to change.

In this work, we will work to clear the “toxic masculinity” narrative from your system, remove any unearned pride, and get you calibrated and congruent, giving you a reason to experience an earned pride in yourself.

If you are like most men, you have never learned that true Courage requires the ability to rest & recover. You can only be courageous when you are charged up, and a 5D man must take deep rest so that he can regulate his nervous system.

Finally, you must learn to take the punches of life head on. When you have a big ego, you will rationalize and justify your behaviour, yet your thriving awaits on the other side of humility.

Only by touching ground can a Courageous man become ground-ed, standing with his feet on solid foundation as he charges into life.

All of this and more relates to the life dimension of Courage.

So if you are ready to leave cowardice behind and become a 5D man, you have come to the right place.

Written by : cw_admin

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