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A month to unlock your potential

Join our online bootcamp for men to break free from bad habits and double your results in just 29 days

1 – Apply

Apply to the GRIT bootcamp and go through free intake call.

2 – Experience GRIT

Go through the GRIT bootcamp and enjoy the changes as you do so.

3 – Enjoy new lifestyle

New vitality and focus in your life propels you towards your goals.

You know what it’s like waking up in the morning and immediately reaching for your phone.

Within a few minutes, you have checked your crypto wallets, email and social media notifications, and your brain is jacked on dopamine and ready for more.

You are a man who is going places in life, though you have somehow got distracted, and your days start out more chaotic than you’d like.

By the end of your day, you look at the work you got done, and it’s not what you wanted

As a man with so much to give, this can be frustrating.

Often, it leaves you feeling distant with your wife and kids.

And while your situation is normal, it doesn’t have to be this way.

In the GRIT double your results intensive, this will start to change.


29 days of stacking solid daily habits inside a game of thriving

It can be hard to change habits on your own. So even when you know you should do something, often you don’t, because the gravitational pull of your old habits is so strong.

We’ve all been there, and it is very frustrating, and often leads to depression, anxiety and shame.

In GRIT, you will be introduced to a group of men from the whole world who, like you, are dedicated to new habits and better results. That is why it works.

GRIT is very serious, and it is also fun. It is a game of thriving for men who are ready to do what it takes.

You will move through this intensive in a gamified environment, where men enjoy friendly competition on their way to thriving.

You will be awarded points for the progress you make, and be playfully challenged to crush your competitors with the depth of your commitment 🤩💪🏻.

GRIT is deep, transformative work delivered in the spirit of fun & playful competition, and you are invited.

Hi, I’m Eivind

Your guide this month

I’m passionate about helping men thrive.

It is my firm belief that the world needs more men to stand up straight and take back their balls, spine and dignity, and thus I bring a no-BS attitude to my work with men.

I am best known for my work with Reclaim your Inner Throne, a genre-defining online initiation that reached hundreds of men before I put it on the back burner in 2021.

These days, I focus on helping men embrace the 5D man lifestyle, through which I guide men like you into holistic lives of thriving under God.

I would love for you to join me in GRIT to experience this in your own life.

– Eivind F Skjellum

Typical results from GRIT

  • Reduced mobile phone usage

  • Deeper connections with wife & kids

  • Better nervous system regulation

  • Improved mental clarity

  • A body charged with new energy
  • Improved self respect
  • Improved daily habits
  • A trimmer body
  • Better sleep

If this sounds right for you, hop on board, and take back your strength, honor and aliveness. (This round, I will also include material on increasing your testosterone)

Grit will challenge you to

  • Stop lying
  • Get strong

  • Get closer to God

  • Clean up your diet
  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Train with a weapon of your choice
  • Develop emotional competency

  • Regulate your nervous system

  • Embody more of your primal man
  • Confront your addictions
  • Track your finances

Note: This is a lot in one month, so ensure that you have at least an hour available per day for the work offered inside of GRIT. Note that most of this is not course work per se, but you executing on good habits such as exercise and study.

Clean up your diet

What GRIT is

  • an intensive month-long program to give you escape velocity from your status quo

  • a training that will challenge your inner nice guy to grow some balls

  • a method for stacking solid daily habits which stick

GRIT starts in


May 13, 7pm Central European
(postponed from April 29)

What GRIT isn’t

  • a peak experience program that will give you some temporary highs

  • a training that will offer pleasantries to make you feel good

  • a comfortable, silver bullet hack that will magically fix you

Claim dominion over your phone addiction

Starts Monday May 13

click button for schedule

enrollment open until May 20

What does it cost?

Challenge only

  • Challenge curriculum
  • Group sharing & chat
  • NO access to LIVE calls


  • Features from “Challenge”
  • Full access to LIVE calls
  • 1 month of integration


  • Challenge + Standard
  • 2 x 30 min coaching calls
  • 3 months of integration

About the 3 access levels

Challenge only – This is the standard package minus access to the live calls. No integration time. You will have access to the recordings.

Standard – The GRIT intensive with live calls, challenges, quests and gamified personal development.

Premium – The standard package plus 2 x 30 minute coaching calls and 3 months of integration.

Integration – Membership in the Ground & Glory guild, where you will work with the habits and lifestyle you have established.

2-month payment plans available (5% added admin fee)

We will accept your payment upon receiving your application.

Note: Local VAT will apply for individuals in EU-countries.
(this does not apply for VAT-registered businesses)

GRIT significantly upgraded me last year. I was looking for a serious challenge, and boy did it deliver.

I had to dig deep within my commitment and I shed much that had to go.

The result: more fire in my body, an upgraded clarity and productivity in my work, and extra hours & energy in my days because I wasn’t glued to my screens.

Most of those results have stayed with me long term.

Benoit Carpent

Entrepeneur, guide, father

GRIT was nothing short of a life-changing experience for me.

I came to the training lost and uninspired despite taking good care of myself for many years.
Yet the game we played in GRIT really worked for me. It grounded me & boosted my commitment.
Since going through GRIT , I have felt so much life and inspiration, have ramped up my creation, and my habits seem to stick!
I am thriving, man!

Veigard M Dahle

Slam poet & cryptocurrency enthusiast

Will you pay the price to expand?

Truth is that most men, when faced with opportunity, turn their back on it. Many men who read this page will too.

There is a reason for that: We know the man we are. But the man we could become is a stranger to us. So why should you invest in him?

But what is the price you pay for not investing in your potential? What is the price of letting yourself down every day, wasting away scrolling on social media and wondering why life isn’t more?

Truth is, you can expand your life. But you will have to commit. You will have to put down the money, clear the calendar, and be ready for some friendly competition with other men who are just as committed as you are to creating a life of thriving for himself and his loved ones.

If you have a silver bullet that somehow gets you what you want without the work, then use it. 

But if you believe, like I do, that great results require great commitment, then why not commit right now?

It’s going to be hard work for a month, and then you will enjoy life from a brand new foundation.

Does that sound like what you want?

Then welcome.


Hans Comyn

Athlete, speaker, adventurer, coach

Eivind speaks of COMMITMENT in a way that really speaks to my spirit so I joined GRIT and brought a few men with me.

During the program, I was challenged to take on a number of new habits to up-level my vitality. One such habit I carved out for myself was a new morning sunshine ritual with my baby daughter.

In addition to losing a few kilos and launching my year powerfully, it’s this ritual with my daughter that means the most to me.

Big thanks to Eivind for bringing this program to life!

Michael Skye

Entrepreneur, coach, father

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