A 29-day Warrior activation to kickstart your 2024

Welcome to a month dedicated to taking back your masculinity and finding thriving under God.

Is it time to move beyond your status quo, Brother? Is it time to graduate from the familiar into new territories of thriving?

Let’s be real, sometimes we men get stuck in lives which feel old and boring, yet we struggle to move on. The price for the loss of adventure and growth is a brewing depression and a gradual loss of your self-respect.

What sucks about such times is that you know that more lives inside of you, yet you are surrounded by people who are afraid to challenge your mediocrity, or who accept it because they are mediocre themselves.

At moments like these, you need a kick up the arse, a community of committed men, and enough rocket fuel to gather escape velocity from your present ways.

If that is what you seek, GRIT is for you.

29 days

one challenge to take your life back


29 days of gamified men’s evolution with a global Brotherhood of committed men

To get great results in your transformational work as a man, Brotherhood is required, and GRIT will provide.

GRIT is 29 days of living what I call the 5D Man lifestyle*, and in our time together, you will enter a gamified transformational environment, where men enjoy friendly competition on their way to thriving.

You will be awarded points for the progress you make, and be playfully challenged to crush your competitors with the depth of your commitment 🤩💪🏻.

GRIT is deep, transformative work delivered in the spirit of fun & playful competition, and you are invited.

* the 5D man lifestyle involves Commitment to:

Clarity Courage Connection Creation

Grit will challenge you to

  • Stop lying
  • Get closer to God

  • Clean up your diet
  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Train with a weapon of your choice
  • Develop emotional competency

  • Regulate your nervous system

  • Embody more of your primal man
  • Confront your addictions
  • Track your finances

Note: This is a lot in one month, so ensure that you have at least an hour available per day for the work offered inside of GRIT. Note that most of this is not course work per se, but you executing on good habits such as exercise and study.

Typical results

  • Reduced mobile phone usage

  • Deeper connections with wife & kids

  • Better nervous system regulation

  • Improved mental clarity

  • A body charged with new energy
  • Improved self respect
  • Improved daily habits
  • A trimmer body
  • Better sleep

If this sounds right for you, hop on board, and start 2024 with strength and courage.

GRIT starts in


April 29, 7pm Central European

What GRIT isn’t

  • a peak experience program that will give you some temporary highs

  • a training that will offer pleasantries to make you feel good

  • an inoffensive, comfortable hack that will improve your life

Claim dominion over your phone addiction

Clean up your diet this January

What GRIT is

  • an intensive month-long program to give you escape velocity from your status quo

  • a training that will challenge your inner nice guy to grow some balls

  • a program which will boost your courage, vitality, connection to God and control of your finances

Starts April 29

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Payment options

$555 one time


$188/month x 3

Early bird until 
March 24

The early bird gives you access to a 20% discount.

Note: Local VAT will apply for individuals in EU-countries.
(this does not apply for VAT-registered businesses)

Your guide for this challenge

Eivind F. Skjellum

I’m a Norwegian family man and men’s work enthusiast who have made it my mission to help you thrive.

It is my firm belief that the world needs more men to stand up straight and take back their balls, spine and dignity, and thus I bring a no-BS attitude to my work with men.

I am best known for my work with Reclaim your Inner Throne, a genre-defining online initiation that reached hundreds of men before I put it on the back burner in 2021.

These days, I focus on helping men embrace the 5D man lifestyle, through which I love to guide men like you into holistic lives of thriving under God.

GRIT offers an experience of what this means.

GRIT significantly upgraded me last year.

I was looking for a serious challenge, and boy it delivered.

I had to dig deep within my commitment and I shed much that had to go.

The result: more fire in my body, an upgraded clarity and productivity in my work, and extra hours & energy in my days because I wasn’t glued to my screens.

Most of those results have stayed with me long term.

This year, I’ll be back for more.

Benoit Carpent, Gods in Business

Ready to charge up your life?

Join us!