A community of male Creators

with a recipe for thriving

Many men have found that the personal development world has failed them. In our community, you will discover a proudly masculine and battle proven path focused on creation. You will find focus on what matters, and build the life you want.

#1 – Apply to the Guild

#2 – Make your battle plan

#3 – Pursue a life of thriving

Have you gotten stuck?

As men, we tend to get stuck on the assumption that we have but two choices in life: To stay “inside the system” or to rebel and leave it.

If we choose to work inside the system, so the story goes, we can look forward to high wages and little soul.

If we choose to work outside the system, we can look forward to lots of soul and little money.

If you feel like you have to choose between losing your soul or being poor and destitute, you too have been successfully programmed.

Here in the Guild, we believe a 3rd way is possible, and we call it the 5d man lifestyle.

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What is the 5D man lifestyle?

The name of the 5D man lifestyle is derived from the fore core life dimensions of Clarity, Courage, Connection, Creation and the 5th dimension of Commitment which lifts them all. Five dimensions of life that combine to deliver you a life of thriving.

When you join the Guild, you get the following:

  • Work within 4 core life dimensions: Clarity, Courage, Connection, Creation

  • Measurable metrics inside all dimensions

  • A whole armory of tools and systems to help you bring Commitment into Clarity, Courage, Connection & Creation in order to raise your metrics

  • Quarterly life mapping workshops which lead to battle plans

  • Support in finding your True North

  • A game played in the spirit of service and of honoring God’s will

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What the Men say

The Brotherhood speaks out

Logan Christopher

I honestly do not know where I would be without Eivind and my Ground & Glory brothers.

Although I had success in my business before, this work has got me through the darkest period of my life, leaving me more happy and whole by far.

Logan Christopher, CEO of Lost Empire Herbs and Legendary Strength

The Guild offers me daily tools which support my growth and expansion. My vision for life is clarifying and I have become more organized in my daily tasks. I am deepening my relationship to God, have gotten out of my head and into my body. I’m consistently challenged to be a better man and father, and to contribute more to this world.

Andrew Gerstner, Guild Member

Before the Guild, I was uninspired and unfocused. I had done years of personal development work, but still felt stuck. Since arriving here, I have found the masculine tools and systems I needed to uplevel in life. I have come on fire with my creative work, am glowing with life, am WAY stronger physically, and am simply thriving, man!

Veigard Magnus Dahle, Guild Member

Discover the 3 Levels of our Guild

Progressive levels of commitment on the path

Level 1: Guild

Access to the Brotherhood, entry level guidance from Eivind, the weapons of the Armory, challenges & trainings. Includes quarterly life mapping workshops.


Level 2: Sanctum

Level 1 + biweekly ceremonies where you learn to hold the feminine, deepen your embodiment and self love. (Ground)


Level 3: Forge

Level 1 + biweekly fire circles with Eivind where you work to implement your quarterly battle plans, dramatically accelerating your expansion. (Glory)


Important note: Levels 2 & 3 are independent of each other, but require Level 1. This means that pricing for L2 & L3 include L1.

What makes this Guild different?

There are many communities out there by now that support men in stepping it up in their lives. Garrett White’s Wake up Warrior, Sean Whalen’s Lion’s not Sheep, Ryan Michler’s Order of Man to name but a few.

These are big ones, and we are much smaller. Though how are we different? And why may a man prefer to join this Guild?

The work in the Ground & Glory Guild lives in the lineage of the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover archetypes. As the founder of the Guild, I stepped away from teaching these archetypes as I eventually found them to be poor vehicles for doing actual men’s work.

Archetypes are enormously powerful for narratives, but not nearly as powerful for strategic planning and real world thriving. Nevertheless, the Jungian tradition underlies this work, with the four core life dimensions of Clarity, Courage, Connection & Creation being loosely correlated to the four masculine archetypes.

Deeply embedded in the work we do here is the understanding that life has cycles. There are cycles of Ground and there are cycles of Glory.

The cycles of Ground are times for humbling, for slowing down and integrating. There are messages that need to come through in those times that other communities may miss as they are so focused on success.

There are also cycles of Glory, which are times for ascending towards your potential and what God made you for.

You will be hard pressed to find any men’s community that deeply understands this tremendously important, yet often overlooked feature of human life as much as we do.

This understanding makes us perfect for men who have spent a lot of time in personal development without finding the breakthrough they want.

It is perfect for the man who doesn’t want to steamroll places inside which are resistant, but who also is completely done with holding back.

We excel at navigating these paradoxical places, leading to experiences of profound wholeness.

If you like what you read here, you may be one of us.

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In some seasons of life, you must slow down, go in and wait. This is a time for integration and letting go, and most men dread it.


Once you have received what you need on the Ground, you are ready to rise for Glory. Thriving under God will be yours. And this cycle will continue forever.

Level 1 of the Guild

This is some of what is included in the base level of your Guild membership.

Fundamentals of Commitment

This comprehensive training will show you ways to increase your commitment, discover what it is, and set you up for thriving.

Battle Planning

Quarterly Life Mapping workshops lead to quarterly Battle Plans, a personal plan to increase your Clarity, Courage, Connection and Creation.


Look forward to occasional challenges with us that will increase your awareness and boost the quality of your life.

The Armory

The Armory is a central component of your Guild membership, giving you access to tactical and strategic planning tools that will ease your life.

Articles & Videos

Inspiring content and videos from Guild founder Eivind F. Skjellum will keep you on your toes, on fire, and motivated to thrive.

Community of Creators

In the guild, you will find a growing community of male creators from the whole world who are dedicated to bringing thriving under God to humanity.

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The 5D Man lifestyle

In our Guild, you will discover a whole new framework for how to discover a life of thriving in these dark times. 

As crazy as things are now, thriving is still possible, and we’re here to tell you how.

What is the Level of your thriving?

How far along the road to a life of full spectrum thriving are you, brother?

We have developed a life assessment tool for you to determine how you are doing in the five dimensions of Clarity, Courage, Connection, Creation & Commitment.

Press the button below to get started now.

The Guild Code

In the Guild, we gather under five commitments. Below, we will review them all.



Deception – whether intentional or not – erodes a man’s dignity sooner than you can say “gone”. 

Not only will you feel terrible, you will also completely lose your ability to assess where you are on the path, likely finding yourself lost and lonely.

In the Guild, be truthful.


The lone wolf path tends to make you unavailable for others. By not sharing yourself, your wins and losses, we will not know who you are. This will make you lonely and stop your progress.

In the Guild, commitment to transparency deepens your connection and self-awareness.




As a man of the Guild, when you say you will do something, we can trust that you will.

You do not need to be questioned or poked, as you are committed to being trustworthy.

By showing up in ways which are consistent with your words, values and true north, you become a trustworthy man.

On Target

Inside of the Guild, you will establish your True North, and align your life to harmonize with it.

You will then commit to stay on target with that True North, making sure you progress towards your intended destination.

In this way, you will stay on target.




As a member of the Guild, you commit to never giving up. Transformation is challenging, and a life of thriving will not come for free.

In the process, you will be faced with many obstacles, but you stay the course, because in the Guild, you commit to being tenacious.

So, is this the kind of life you want to live?

If so, don’t dilly dally – join us.

Not into memberships?

If memberships aren’t really your thing, or you want to experience a period of time with great focus and intensity, we also provide occasional trainings.

Scroll down for a list of upcoming intensives.

GRIT intensive

This is a one-month intensive for the man ultra-committed to reclaiming his dignity, health, courage, and masculinity.

29 days of strong focus on what really matters in a man’s life will get you back on track, ready to continue the 5D man lifestyle from a higher baseline.

We start May 13