When you are ready to start working with a group of men on embodiment, self-regulation and holding the feminine, Sanctum is for you.


Biweekly calls on Tuesdays @ 7pm Central European, 1pm Eastern Time.

Calls are recorded


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Level #1: Guild


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Sanctum is an experience you will not find in many men’s communities: A men’s group lead by a woman.

Sanctum is not about “integrating the feminine”, however. We gather to learn to hold the feminine.

What this means is that Sanctum is a membership where you train in embodiment, being with your emotions and tackling chaos without being washed away.

If you are rigid and controlling, you will become vulnerable in the presence of the feminine, and in this membership, you will do the foundational work of learning to hold the feminine in yourself, women and the world.

The inconvenient truth is that most men tend to bypass the Ground-work required to succeed and choose instead to go straight for Glory in completely unsustainable and egoic ways. Sanctum exists to change that pattern, so that you can find the thriving you seek.

Your membership in Sanctum will lead to much deepened self-awareness, self-love, embodiment, ability to be with your emotions, connection to women, and to that which is sacred.

Q2 2024: Containment

The theme for Q2 in Sanctum in 2024 is Containment.

You will experience workshops where you will expose your triggers and blind spots, work with deepening your capacity to be with them, expand your capacity to hold energy in your nervous system without freaking out.

This is a quarter for expansion and deepening self-regulation and by the end of it, what you will be able to hold in yourself will have increased.

By learning to hold the feminine, you come to embody your masculinity.

What is included?

  • Biweekly calls with Tess van der Putten

  • Themed quarters with various types of embodiment work

  • Brotherhood with men from the whole world

  • Community group

Tess is an incredible artist, and you can listen to her enchanting music by clicking an album cover above.

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