At what level do you want to play, Brother?

It is important that you get clear on what kind of commitment is right for you when you enter our Guild. 

As Commitment is the central life dimension in the 5D Man lifestyle, you must choose the level you can commit fully to.

Below, you can review what the levels are about.

Discover the 3 Levels of our Guild

Progressive levels of commitment on the path

Level 1: Guild

Access to the Brotherhood, entry level guidance from Eivind, the weapons of the Armory, challenges & trainings. Includes quarterly life mapping workshops.


Level 2: Sanctum

Level 1 + biweekly ceremonies where you learn to hold the feminine, deepen your embodiment and self love. (Ground)


Level 3: Forge

Level 1 & 2 + biweekly fire circles with Eivind where you work to implement your quarterly battle plans, dramatically accelerating your expansion. (Glory)


Important note: Levels build on each other, so that L2: Sanctum includes L1: Guild, and L3: Forge includes L2 & L3.