You’re in!

Read on for instructions

Time to rock those habits!

You have now gained access to a Google spreadsheet that will help you take your daily habits to the next level, facilitating your own thriving during these crazy times.

This spreadsheet is a reworked version of the game we play in the GRIT intensive, and now you can play along.

To get going, click the “Access spreadsheet” button below, and review the spreadsheet that opens up.

Then, when you are ready, go to File -> Make a Copy, and choose where you want it copied.

Now, you can start playing the game of optimizing your daily habits to your heart’s content, and feel free to invite somebody else into it (though please share the landing page with them, so I get to know who they are).

May God grant you much success and thriving as you engage in the game of thriving through improved daily habits.

Have fun!

Ready to join GRIT?

If you feel inspired to participate in the game of thriving through strengthening daily habits, maybe the next round of GRIT is for you?

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I’d love to have you join us!